entry 08 - the visualist 

Response to the Visualist: Matt Black: "the art of making pictures dance" - the adventures we've had with the software we've been working on has really given me a profound, first-hand experience of how true that is when i was in Richmond watching the live-coding group show.
I really like the use of industrial imagery with some of the artists in the documentary. I can be quite the literalist sometimes so having substantive imagery that's manipulated in surprising ways - as opposed to just fractal images is really interesting to me.
I've been to moderat shows in the past and was really impressed with their attention to detail.

I had no idea that leonardo da vinci used image and sound together! 

Live Cinema 

Herman Kolgen - Inject This wasn't a term I was familiar with but this level of control and work in this form is very interesting.Kolgen did say that because of advancements in technology we can go beyond traditional live cinema but I do have a strong affinity for the old modes of production because obviously, as you probably know by now, I have an attachment to the old forgotten ways of craft.

Really loved the idea of energy transfer, and I'm reminded of the link below - this is a piece I've used in my own work before.


I think the pairing of sound and moving image is probably one of the most ancient impulses we have. if we think of cave of forgotten dreams we can easily imagine a world in which the people who etched those antelopes in motion on the cave walls accompanied their rituals and gatherings with drums or percussion in a state of ecstasy that conjured some memory of the divine.


I'm not a big proponent of laptop performance and think it looks so artful what Myrian Bleau aims to achieve. I'm really excited about having been introduced to her work and will make a point of following her career with greater interest.