entry 01 - sept 5

i can already tell not having separate links for each new post is going to become a problem so i’ll have to figure that out before next week.

hello. welcome.

this is where i’ll be collecting my thoughts (many of them likely better suited to private hand-wringing, see above) and other hopefully relevant reflections on the *~*~substance(s)~*~* of our projection mapping class this semester.

my name is yasaman. i make audio work i still struggle explaining even though it’s not particularly complicated. i think it’s more of a skill issue since brevity often escapes me and there’s probably a simplified elevator-pitch (i loathe this term) i can offer to anyone inquiring about my work in all of two sentences. maybe this will be another task i will give myself for the week.

but on the other hand: why this tyrannical emphasis on conciseness? why not the slow unfolding of words strung together by someone who hasn’t optimised their speech -- or life’s work -- for quick digestion?

much to think about.

i might add to this week’s entry later because i’m not sure i’ve satisfied the intention behind the blogging assignment. i will ask.

in any event. my ig and past examples of my audio work are both on my website

til next time.
- yas