entry 08 - october 24

I had a lot of issues with this week's class work because....well, honestly, I made a huge mistake (REPEATEDLY!) of not saving my work because for some reason my brain stopped functioning properly and everything that I knew about the importance of saving work went out the window when I was working the the unfamiliar UI of Modul8.

And then of course my programs crashed like a hundred times. Literally I think I made like 10 different things and either my program would crash when I was recording/rendering or before I even got to that stage.

Thankfully it did work long enough for me to make the one asset that I prsented in class which was the Sabreen album cover.

As I mentioned in class, I isolated each component of the album in photoshop using the magic wand selection tool and exported as a png, then re-arranged them in Modul8 with different variables for it to be responsive to.

I made the masked/robed figure response to the high musical frequencies and made the range for the scale the greatest of all the layers.

I had some issues with arranging each layer in a way that felt like it was part of a cohesive whole during the movements so that took a lot of troubleshooting but I think the final version wasn't overly chaotic, thankfully.

Ideally, I'd like to have made something more dreamy and romantic that more reflects my personal tastes but the Sabreen cover project was still useful for gaining some familiarity and understanding with the Modul8 program.