entry 02 - sept 13 2023

sarah sze - timelapse

questions of time, memory, and objects (more importantly, our belongings) have been top-of-mind for me for as long as i can remember so to visit an exhibition that was fixated on these subjects was a genuine thrill.

the way sze used projection to indicate ephemerality, impermanence, and the passage of time through moving image encapsulated my own experience of these ideas. our sense of time doesn’t flow neatly, our memory of events is imperfect and porous, neatness is aspirational but not required. i found the installations contemplative, grand, and chaotic in the same way those things tend to be in the human experience.

the interplay between the projections, the viewer, and the installed artwork created a sense of transience and fluidity were a highly effective way to convey her stated objectives.

i was really inspired by the idea of being able to play with materials and scale and banal objects in a methodical - but not overly regimented way - in my own future work. seeing sze use the materials she used to install her work used in the actual exhibitions, or next to (and on top of) the projectors really emphasized the element of LIFE and capturing the entirety of one’s existence, not hiding away the tools because they’re not ‘pretty’ or compromise the work - indeed, they are as much a part of the final work as that which we consider capital-a Art.

i’ve been showing friends my photos and videos from the exhibition. the work has inspired all of us, i think.

til next time (week).