That Intimate Feeling — an audio project 

Living between the spaces of the real and the imagined. 

Episode Three: Posessions

Possessions, museums of the self. 

Stories of cherished items loved and lost; the declining quality of goods mirroring the decline of relationships; a gentle manifesto against artless minimalism and disposability; an ode to craftsmanship and frayed edges.

Episode Two: Embarrassment

Do moments of embarrassment free us from the tethers of a rigid life?
Do we lose something essential when we avoid it at all costs? ...And Is there an imp of the perverse in all of us?

“Blushing is the most peculiar and the most human of all expressions”

— Charles Darwin

Episode One: Memories

“I weigh my past against my future, but find both of them admirable, cannot give either the preference, and find nothing to grumble at save the injustice of providence that has so clearly favored me” ︎ Kafka

Say sike right now. 

How much of the self we regard as the genuine artefact is embedded in our past? How much of it should we disclose to those we meet?